HiSeal™ Sealant

HiSeal™ is a high performance polyurethane sealant that provides a tough, elastic, UV resistant and weatherproof seal in exterior joints in concrete, brick and concrete block-work construction. Highly resistant to dynamic joint movement.

AS4020-1994 Contact with drinking water 
AS1157-1972 Fungus and mildew resistance

Selection Guide

  • UV and Weather Resistant
    • - Excellent resistance to aging and weathering
    • Low VOC
    • High bond strength
    • Thixotropic - No sagging or running
  • Excellent flexibility – joint movement ± 25%
    • Suitable for Acoustic Applications
    • Suitable for contact with drinking water – AS4020-1994
    • Non-corrosive neutral cure
    • Paintable with acrylic based surface coatings

How to use

  1. Mask around joints before applying sealant.
  2. Dispense HiSeal™ into joint. Tool sealant for neat finish.
  3. Use tool with a convex profile.
  4. Tooling Time: within 30 minutes of application.
  5. Remove masking tape before sealant skins (about 30 minutes).

Refer to Technical Data Sheet and MSDS available from
www.ramset.com.au, for precautions and further detailed installation instructions

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