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Q : Are spare parts available for my tool?
A :

For all tool repair enquiries, please contact Ramset’s Service Centre on 1300 780 063.

Q : Can an impact driver be used to fasten all screws?
A :

Most modern fasteners are self drilling, however traditional screws still require manual fastening.

Q : How do I make a warranty claim?
A :

Please return to your place of purchase for assistance regarding warranty issues.

Q : I need to replace my old tool – if it’s not available, what is the nearest equivalent?
A :

Please visit www.ramset.com.au for further information on Ramset’s wide range of fixing, drilling and anchoring solutions.

Q : My pack qty is short.
A :

Nails are sold by weight, not quantity. If you believe that the pack is significantly under weight, please contact our customer service team.