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Lane Security offers a wide range of state of the art security solutions for your home. Our products are highly functional, very practical and designed to be easy to install for the seasoned builder or the first time DIYer. As part of Lane's ongoing commitment to quality, our products are rigorously tested and are built to endure sustained use for years to come. 

Product Range

Platinum_GV5D7340.jpg Endeavour
ls-button-leversets1 ls-button-knobsets1 ls-button-deadbolts1 ls-button-architecturalhinges1

CavityLock-SN-34 Door-Stops WHB9180 Flush Pull circular neumatic-screen-door-closer
ls-button-cavitysliders1 ls-button-doorstops1 ls-button-commercialhardware1 ls-button-flushpulls1 ls-button-doorclosers1
L966239  WLU0032 installation-kit       Cover up pull handle
 Roller Latch IMAGE
ls-button-padlocks1 ls-button-accessories1
Cover-up Pull Handle Button
Roller Latch BUTTON

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