Building your deck with Merbau Decking - ITW Proline


Merbau timber is an economical option for building with, as it grows quickly and is easy to manufacture into a wide variety of products.

Merbau is a favourite choice for decking, flooring and outdoor projects because of its extreme durability and strength. It is a timber that is widely used within the Australian and NZ markets.

Merbau is bush fire resistant to BAL 29 (as per AS 3959) to give you an added piece of mind when building in bush fire prone areas.  It should be kept dry and protected from moisture before installation.  This is to prevent resin bleed and prolong the appearance of your Merbau.

Building your deck with Merbau Timber

Tools needed: Driver bit for screw application, impact driver or cordless drill, 3mm HSS drill bit, board spacers, pro tool for camo installation.


1.Work out the area of your deck. Multiply the length of the deck by the breadth, for example, 10m x 3m = 30m2.

2. Decide which decking board size you will use (90mm or 70mm), such as 90x22mm.

3. Divide m2 by the decking board width (note: convert decking width from mm to m), for example 30m2/0.09m=334m

4. Add some extra just in case. Add an extra 5% just to be sure you will have enough timber.  For example, 334×1.05=351m.

5. Work out number of pieces needed. Divide the number worked out about by the decking length you have chosen.  For example 351/5.4m=65 pieces.

Therefore you would need to buy 65 pieces of 90x22x5.4 decking to cover your 10x3m deck (65×30 would provide the required fixings – 1950).

6. The suggested distance for joists is at 450mm centres, with 2 fixings at each point.  This equates to approximately 30 screws per 5.4m length of decking.