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Buildex® Landscaping Screw

The Buildex Landscaping Screw has been specifically designed for structural landscapers & serious DIYers looking for a flush, strong and secure fastening connection for heavy timbers. Available in lengths of150mm, 200mm, 250mm & 300mm, there is a size for every serious landscaping project.

The Buildex Landscaping Screws is a genuine fastening solution for heavy and thick timbers used in landscaping, planter and retaining walls. Equipped with a T40 star drive recess to minimise cam-out slippage; self-embedding under-head for a clean finish; clearing thread to help reduce torque loads; self-drilling point for fast installation and a protective Climacoat™ coating designed for treated pine and external applications.


  • T40 Star Drive to resist cam-out and stripping.


  • Self-Embedding Head for cleaner countersinking.


  • Clearing Thread for stronger timber pull-down.


  • Exterior Coating of Climacoat 3 resists chemicals in treated pine.


  • Serrated Thread reduces driving torque.


  • Self-Drilling Point for faster installation.