Zenith offers you the complete Fastener Solution to complete all of your DIY projects. Zenith fasteners are the easiest to use and easiest to choose.

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Selection Guide

Open Rivets

Available in various finishes including:

Extra strength high tensile rivet for fixing steel to steel. Typical applications are metal cabinets, shelving, etc.

Stainless Steel
Offer good corrosion resistance and increased tensile strength. Typical applications are boats, coastal & marine uses, repair of stainless appliances, etc.

Stron general purpose rivet for fixing sheeting to framework. Typical applications are guttering, flyscreen doors, white goods, garden sheds, roller doors, caravans, boats, electrical appliances, etc.
Open Rivet Sealed Rivets

Available in Aluminium finish:

Designed for use in watertight applications. Typical applications are repairs where a watertight finish is needed, air conditioning, etc.
Sealed Rivet

How to install

1.    Insert rivet mandrel in rivet setting tool.

2.    Using tool as a guide, insert rivet into prepared hole.

3.    Engage the mandrel with rivet-setting tool. Squeeze trigger or handles to set rivet. Mandrel ejects after rivet is set,

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