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Zenith offers you the complete Fastener Solution to complete all of your DIY projects. Zenith fasteners are the easiest to use and easiest to choose.

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Hex Head Bolt

Heagon head bolts & nuts hold and join building materials used in framing structures.

Typical applications include fixing metal to metal or metal to timber, e.g., heavy metal frames, metal posts, brackets, post supports, etc.

Hex Head Bolt Cup Head Bolt

Cup head bolts & nuts hold and join building materials used in framing.

Typical applications include fixing timber to timber, or timber to metal, e.g., heavy timber frames, pergolas, fencing, etc.
Cup Head Bolt
Coach Screw

For fixing to timber, Coach Screws are designed to form their own thread in pre-drilled holes. They have a Gimlet point for fast, easy penetration.

Typical applications are fixing metal to timber, or timber to timber where nut fixing is not possible or required, e.g., gates, timber framework, pergolas, fencing, post supports, etc.
Coach Screw Threaded Rod

Threaded rod can be used in a variety of fixing applications.
Threaded Rod
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