Zenith SureHook™ 

SureHook is the secure way to hang pictures and mirrors when fixing to plasterboard.  Each SureHook consists of a patented designed anchor with hook for fixing light (less than 5kg) to heavier (below 25kg) picture items to plasterboard walls. 

SureHook is fast and simple to install, it is strong and safe for most of your hanging needs.


Selection Guide

SureHook™ 5kg Picture hanger
Perfect for smaller prints and pictures.
Includes: 4 anchors and hooks

SureHook™ 10kg Picture Hanger 
Perfect for prints, pictures and light mirrors.
Includes: 3 anchors and hooks.
SureHook™ 10kg Key Hole Picture Hanger 
For items hung by a keyhole recess.
Includes: 3 anchors with screws.

SureHook™ 12kg/25kg Picture Hanger
Holds 12 kg when fixed to plasterboard or 25kg when fixed to timber stud. 
Perfect for heavy pictures and mirrors when fixed into wooden stud.
 Includes: 3 'Stud Solver' anchors and hooks.
SureHook™ 20kg Heavy Duty Stud Picture Hanger 
Self clamping anchor. Perfect for large prints and pictures and medium mirrors.
Includes 2 anchors and hooks.
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