Touch Plus

Touch Plus has been designed to enhance both the look and security of your entry doors. With advanced security features such as antipick and antibump cylinders combined with the convenience of one touch locking plus deadlocking it has all of your security needs covered.

One Touch Locking: to lock the door quickly just press the button, close the door and the door is locked. From the outside you require a key to open. With the incorporated dead latching pin this means that your door is secure. If you want to unlock the door from the inside or get out in an emergency there is no need to find a key. Just operate the inside lever, this action will return the lock to the passage mode.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt Security: for times when you need the added security of a double cylinder deadbolt , just turn the key and throw the deadbolt. In this mode the lock can only be opened from either side with a key.

Passage mode: the entrance set is not locked and allows access from either side via use of the lever. Allowing you to go to the mailbox or the kids to play in the yard without the need to carry a key.

Oxford Entrance Set Westminster Entrance Locket IMAGE
Oxford BUTTON Westminster BUTTON
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