ChemSet MAXIMA Spin Capsules

The Ramset Ankascrew™ has rapid cure Acrylic Resin for extra heavy duty anchoring of threaded studs into solid concrete and stone. For small jobs with few fixings. Ideal for overhead anchoring. One capsule for one hole - no mixing, no mess, no waste. Carbide or diamond drilled holes. Dry, wet or even underwater. Cures in 20 minutes! Balustrade posts, fencing, sheds, structural steel columns, hand rails, seating, machinery hold down

Selection Guide

  • Non-drip formula for horizontal holes and overhead applications
  • Glass becomes part of the aggregate
  • No applicator
  • Strong bond for extra security
  • Dry, damp, wet, flooded or underwater
  • One fixing per capsule - no wasted adhesive
  • No mixing, no mess, no waste
  • Rapid 20 minute cure (at 20°C)

How to use

Installation in Solid Concrete
1. Drill or core hole to specified diameter and depth
2. Remove dust and debris by brushing and blowing 3 times each (If hole is wet or flooded, brush only)
3. Insert capsule into hole
4. Fit socket into drill and use to rotate and drive a ChemSet™ Anchor Stud into the hole
5. The stud rotation will mix the capsule contents
6. Wait until adhesive has fully cured before loading (see Loading Time chart below) 
Refer to Technical Data Sheet and MSDS available from www.ramset.com.au, for precautions and further detailed installation instructions

Maxima Install Diagram

Maxima Install Table
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