The AnkaScrew™ Screw-In Anchor is a totally removable, medium duty, rotation setting, thread forming anchor, ideal for either temporary or permanent anchoring into substrates such as concrete, brick, hollow brick or block. The AnkaScrew™ is particularly well suited to close-to-edge or close-to-anchor fixing as it does not expand and burst the surrounding substrate.

Selection Guide

  • The AnkaScrew™ is both fast and easy to install as it simply screws into a pre-drilled hole.
  • The AnkaScrew™ is even faster and easier to remove. It simply screws out leaving an empty hole with no protruding metal parts to grind off.
  • The AnkaScrew™ is ideal for close-to-edge and close-to-anchor installation as its self-tapping, rotation setting method of installation is not subject to any expansion pressure, therefore does not burst the substrate.



How to use

1.Drill or core a hole to the recommended diameter and depth using the fixture as a template.  Clean the hole thoroughly with a hole cleaning brush. Remove the debris with a hand pump, compressed air, or vacuum.
2.Insert the AnkaScrew™ through the fixture and screw it into the hole with either a socket wrench or an impact wrench using slight pressure until the self-tapping action begins.
3.Tighten the AnkaScrew™ until the fixture is held firm. If resistance is experienced when tightening, unscrew the anchor one turn and re-tighten. Ensure that you do not over tighten. 

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