At Lane Security we have developed some inexpensive ways to assist the DIY renovator with self installation. In addition to the step 

by step instruction guides that come standard with every Lane product, we have developed the following innovations:

   dummy-lever-fixing-set    installation-kit  


Dummy Lever Fixing Set

The dummy lever fixing set is a secure way of fixing lever furniture on a dummy or single sided application. This set 'sandwiches' the door between the lever rose and the fixing plate, making for a more robust and durable fixing system that is designed to withstand the additional leverage that is typically associated with using levers.


Installation Kit

Comes complete with a high-speed drill bit, 54mm bi-metal hole saw, universal arbor and a high quality 25mm spade bit, the complete selection of items required for installation. This kit is unique to Lane security and will allow you to install most lever and door locks.


Rebate Kits

Available for Latch & Deadbolt

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