Hasp & Staples

The Zenith range of Hasp & Staples comes in various styles, including Wire, Safety and Heavy Duty. 

Hasp & Staples are used to secure doors or boxes with a padlock. The Zenith range also features a locking version, which does not require a padlock. 

Finishes range from Zinc Plated for internal use, Galvanised and Polished Brass for external use, or Stainless Steel for high corrosive environments.

Selection Guide

Hasp & Staple - Wire 
38mm, 65mm and 90mm
Zinc Plated
Hasp & Staple - Safety Pattern 
90mm, 115mm, 150mm and 200mm
Zinc Plated
90mm, 115mm and 150mm
90mm and 115mm
Stainless Steel
Hasp & Staple - Heavy Duty 

Hasp & Staple - Locking 
75mm and 100mm
Zinc Plated

Hasp & Staple - Concealed Fixing
Chrome Plated or Solid Brass
Ribbed steel with rolled edges 
Hardened steel locking eye
Tamper proof hinge 
Hidden fixing screws for additional security

How to use

1 Position hasp and staple in location to check that unit will function as intended.
2 Fasten with screws provided using a no.2 Phillips bit at 1000rpm.
Alternately you can use a standard drill. Mark holes for screws, drill pilot holes and fasten using screws provided and a Phillips head screwdriver.

To compliment this hasp and staple, and offer extra security, a solid brass Zenith Security Padlock is recommended.

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