Ultrafix Plus

Ultrafix™ Plus Polyester Anchoring Kit

UltraFix™ Plus Polyester Anchoring Kit provides an easy anchoring solution for hollow brick and hollow block substrates. Brick and Block Veneer homes in Australia are built using hollow core materials, fixing into hollow substrates such as brick and block is challenging.

Hollow Brick Block


step 1   step 2   step 3   
Step 1: Drill 16mm hole using masonry drill   Step 2: Remove cartridge cap with scissors cut the internal bladder below metal clip   Step 3: Screw on nozzle and load UltraFix™ cartridge into the caulking gun  
step 4    step 5   step 6  
Step 4: Discharge adhesive to waste until the chemical reaches consistency in colour, indicating the correct mix   Step 5: Insert MultiFit™ Sieve all the way into the hole    Step 6: Insert nozzle half way into the MultiFit™ Sieve and start injecting UltraFix™ Plus Polyester resin  
step 7    step 8   Ultra fix and Anchor stud  
Step 7: Rotate the Anchor Stud as you push it into position   Step8: Leave to harden before loading. For dying times consult the UltraFix™ cartridge instructions       
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