Zenith® are proud to launch ‘DURAsmooth™’, the world’s first breakthrough for the hinge category. This functional DURAsmooth™ innovation offers a unique new polyamide coating over the hinge pin. For the user, it offers greater durability than a standard door hinge and provides a smoother door operation. Addressing key consumer complaints, the clever technology also solves the issue of rusty pins, door drop and squeaky hinges!

Zenith DURAsmooth™ is the first globally to innovate in this category, with a next generation hinge that will excite the trade, handyman and DIY enthusiast alike. This patented development further cements our reputation for customer focus and setting the standard in hardware design.

Within the DURAsmooth™ range a total of 126 sku's are available, from 70mm to 100 mm. The category includes the Butt HingeBroad Butt HingeEasy Fit HingeRadius Butt HingeRadius Lift Off Hinge andRising Butt Hinge.


Delivering the most comprehensive range for all consumer needs, various finishes are available in Zinc Plated, Brass Plated, Prime Coat , Florentine Bronze, Chrome Plated, Satin Chrome Plated, Satin Stainless Steel, and Polished Stainless Steel.




DURAsmooth™ is a world first technology patented door hinge with a unique new polyamide pin coating, offering the following advantages:

- Greater durability than a standard door hinge
- Reduced door drop
- A smoother door swing
- Rust Resistant
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- Squeak free door swing

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Choosing the right hinge is simply a matter of understanding what design will work best for the door the hinge is being installed on. The correct DURAsmooth™ hinge is determined by your door size, thickness, weight, frequency of use.

In general, hinges feature either a fixed or removable pin. The DURAsmooth™ removable pin offers you the ability to remove doors without having to unscrew the hinges.

When applying the hinge it is important not to over adjust the hinge screws as this can lead to stripping the wood, making it harder to secure the screws in place.
  • To ensure the weight of the door is secure, screws should be used in all of the holes in the base of the hinge.
  • For your door to open properly, the arm of the hinge should be at a 90-degree angle with the door.
  • DURAsmooth™ hinges have the ability to withstand the corrosive effects of sun, snow and rain and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.
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