Chain & Accessories

Zenith offers an extensive range of chain and accessories from heavy duty galvanised hardware chain to decorative and plastic chain. 

  Includes joining links
for bead chain.
Oval and square link
chain, bead ball and
chandelier chain. 
Welded steel chain
with zinco chrome finish.
  Welded steel hardware chain. 
Hot dip galvanised. Suitable
for security chain, anchors, etc.  
Jack chain is a weldless chain
suitable for light duty hanging
such as pot plants & light fittings.
Long link welded chain.
Suitable for light security
chain, crowd control,
fencing, etc.
  Vittoria chain with
two swivel clips.
High density plastic chain.
Suitable for crowd control,
hanging light pot plants, etc.
Weld free twisted chain.
Suitable for light to medium
weight hanging and pet chain.
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