The TruBolt Stud Anchor is a true to size, torque controlled expansion anchor with "pull down" capabilities for permanent anchoring into solid substrate such as concrete.

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TruBolt Anchor

True to size, all steel, torque controlled expansion anchor with “pull-down” capabilities for permanent anchoring into solid substrates such as concrete.

Complete unit ready to install

True Dimension anchor: Hole size = Anchor diameter = Thread size

Anti-rotation lugs

Available in: Zinc cobalt alloy plating with chromate conversion coating, Hot Dipped Galvanised, 316 Stainless Steel

Applications: Light to medium loads, suitable for cyclic loading

Timber to concrete: Bottom wall plates, wall and floor frame work.

Steel to concrete: Columns, racking, balustrades, machinery, safety barriers, hand rails, stairways.


How to use

  1. Determine the total thickness of the material to be fastened.
  2. Drill hole diameter to that equaling the O.D of the TRUBOLT being used. Depth is  equa tol or greater than the thickness of material plus any spacing rings and required embedment.
  3. Clean hole thoroughly of all chippings and concrete dust, re check hole depth.
  4. Taking the TRUBOLT as a complete assembly, adjust the nut up to flush with the top of the thread, a flat washer should be under the nut, place TRUBOLT down through the hole in the artcle to be fastened pressing it as far as it will go.
  5. After the TRUBOLT has been tapped down fully into the hole, take up the slack by tightening the nut down onto the flat washer which in turn should be resting against the fixture.
  6. Trubolt-Installation-(Dyna-Bit)
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