Togglemates are self drilling, all metal plasterboard anchors. Providing a positive, vibration resistant fix for light to medium weight picture frames, paintings, blinds, shelving, mirrors and electrical components and plumbing fittings. The Togglemate can be used for making horizontal and vertical fixings, where the reverse side of the material is inaccessable

Selection Guide


Load: Light

Features: Self Drilling All metal body, Screw can be removed without losing anchor, Centre drill point enables straight fix, Self clamping anchor, Will not shrink or degrade due to UV exposure

Material thickness: 10-13mm

Screws Gauge: 8g

Materials: Zinc die cast

How to use

1. Insert the point of a #2 Philips Head screwdriver into the recess of the ToggleMate™, place the drill point against the wall, lightly piercing the face paper, and screw the anchor into the plasterboard until the head is flush with the surface.

2. Place the fixture over the anchor, insert the 8 gauge screw through the fixture, into the head of the ToggleMate™ and turn to engage the clamp. Continue to turn the screw until the clamp is pulled tight against the plasterboard.


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