Tie Downs


Introducing the Zenith SureTie tie down range that offers peace of mind, cargo security and product confidence for your everyday tie down needs.

The range consists of high quality cambuckle, ratchet and overcentre tie downs, flat bungees and trailer net for the every day user or tradie.

Cambuckle, ratchet and overcentre tie downs have been designed and tested to conform to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4380:2001 with each pack containing user friendly instructions and warnings. 

Zenith SureTie makes it easier to select the right product for the job with an easy to follow guide on packs to aid shopper selection.

See below for details on the range, your guide to choosing a tie down and 'how to use' information.


 - Cambuckles are easy to use and easy to adjust.

 - Tension is added by pulling excess webbing through the buckle then releasing the tab to lock webbing in place.

 - Durable webbing.

 - Gunmetal grey buckle finish.  

 - Patented Lashing Capacity Integrity System makes the load weight of your cambuckle easily identifiable.  


 - Ratchet tie downs hold securely and allow for easy release. 

 - Open and close the buckle repeatedly to pull the webbing through the buckle for a desired level of tension. 

 - Most commonly used tie down due to its controlled tensioning ability. 

 - Perfect for heavy duty, super heavy duty and commercial / light truck applications.


 - It is very important the webbing is fed through an overcentre buckle correctly. Otherwise a desired level of tension will not be obtained when holding down cargo. There are arrows engraved on the buckle to show the user the direction to feed the webbing. It is critical this is followed for the product to work as intended. No other brand makes it this easy for you!

- Feed the excess webbing through the buckle whilst in an 'open' position and when all of the slack is removed, closing the buckle will add tension to the webbing and hold that tension in place. 

- The overcentre tie down is perfect for heavy duty applications and has a lashing capacity of 450kg. A storage bag is included in all overcentre tie down packs.


 - All flat bungees feature and anti-scratch plastic coated steel hook. 
 - They are perfect for light duty applications like holding down boxes in the boot of a car or an eski in the back of a wagon, Holding down boxes in a trolley or keeping electrical cords together in the back of a van. 
 - Very handy and a quick solution to keep items in place!

- Trailer nets are ideal for securing light loads to trailers.

1. Your application.
2. The size and weight of your load.
3. Then select the pack with the required length, corresponding colour and number of stitches relating to your load weight. (refer to the selection guide below)

Note: The above selection guide only applies to cambuckle, ratchet and overcentre tie downs and is provided to assist you in choosing the most appropriate tie down for your intended use.

Careful consideration must be made to ensure your intended use does not exceed the lashing capacity stated on a pack.

A lashing capacity is the maximum safe load weight recommended for a tie down. Overloading may result in failure.



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