Swivel Assemblies

Swivel Assemblies

Prestige Swivel Assemblies are suitable for a range of applications such as chairs, stools, lazy susans, and t.v. or monitor pedestals.

Mirror movements are suitable for furniture with hinged mirrors.

Selection Guide

Circular Swivel Assembly

The 305mm diameter circular swivel assembly is ideal for creating a lazy susan. The ball bearing rollers are suitable for loads up to 300kg. The swivel is designed with a low profile and can be either permanently fixed in place or function as a removable lazy susan.

Circular Swivel Square Swivel Assembly

The 155mm diameter square swivel assembly is designed for swivel chairs and stools. The assembly is designed for loads up to 150kg.

Square Swivel
Mirror Movements

The mirror movement is designed for mounting tilting mirrors to furniture.

Mirror Movements  
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