Roof Zips

A revolutionary self-drilling roofing screw for fastening metal roofing profiles to timber battens and steel purlins, and the most used roofing fasteners on Australian steel roofs for both domestic and commercial establishments.

Roof Zips not only meets but exceeds roof fixers current fastener requirements.


  • Faster to install - saving time and money
  • Easier to use, requiring less end load pressure
  • Can be drilled on steep sloping roofs or near the edge of sheeting
  • Reduces the amount of swarf
  • Will not cause skidding on the roof profile
  • Reduces damage to the washer - eliminating water entry
  • Has multiple product applications (Will also fix timber batters) and will significantly reduce stock holdings
  • Climaseal 4 coating which meets AS3566 Class 4
  • Designed, developed and proudly manufactured in Australia


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Selection Guide

Hexagon Head Hi Grip® with Seal

Crest fixing steel roofing profiles to thin metal battens, timber battens and steel purlins


How to use

Buildex® Roof Zips®:
  1. Use a Buildex 5/16" Hex Socket.
  2. Fit to a Tek gun set at 2500rpm.
  3. Put screw into driver and place at fastening position.
  4. Squeeze trigger and maintain firm pressure until screw has drilled and fastened.
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