Power Loads for Powder Actuated Tools

Power Loads for  the Low Velocity Powder Actuated Tools provide the energy to drive the Pins through material and into the substrate.

Strength of Explosive Charges: Weakest to Strongest Brown, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, White, Black.

Ramset recommends to always start a new application with the minimum powerload strength and if applicable the tool at minmum power setting expected to fulfill the job, then gradually increase power with a combination of load strength, tool power adjustment and pin selection.

For further detailed information on Ramset products we invite you to visit the Ramset industrial web site using the link provided below.

Selection Guide

.22 cal Single Shot
Weak - Green
Medium - Yellow
Strong -  Red


FrameMaster / FormMaster
.27 cal 10 Load Strip
Weak -  Green
Medium - Yellow
Strong  -  Red

How to use

  1. Refer to user Manual for P.A Tool.
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