Powder Actuated Tools

Low Velocity Powder Actuated Tools. The Ramset Concrete Fixing tool range, designed for fastening materials to concrete, steel and brick, eliminating the need for dilling, bolting and plugging etc.

Selection Guide


Power and comfortable general purpose tool for the less frequent user

Uses the latest in LV technology.

Versatile, suitable for most applications when fixing to concrete and steel

5 strength Power load range for precise fixing control. Green and Yellow charges used in most situations

Fixes up to 50mm thick timber


Affordable concrete fixing No drilling or anchoring

Easy to use - spannerless servicing

Minimal maintenance


Power adjustable tool for fixing timber framing to concrete and general repetitive work. Performer for fixing framing to concrete or steel.

10 Shot strip feed

Semi automatic

Fully power adjustable

Light weight

Twist-Lok feature for easy daily maintenance

Suitable to fixing timber up to 50mm thick

Long life componentry


High Power and comfort to meet the heaviest demands of the timber fromwork industry and heavier repetitive jobs.

Fixes up to 75mm thick timber

High volume combustion chamber

Powder Actuated 10 Shot strip feed, semi automatic

Fully power adjustable power level

Long life piston and buffer

Minimal maintenance

Low recoil and noise level

All day operator comfort

Front barrel safety grip

Hand guard


How to use

  • Keep other workers clear when using the tool, a minimum of 6 mtr in all directions. Special care to be taken when using P.A s on roof work.
  • Operators and helpers should always wear safety goggles
  • Do not use the tool where flammable gas, dust or vapour is present (E.g. – petrol, thinners, gas etc.)
  • Never leave a loaded tool unattended, or attempt to carry it from one place to another
  • Never point the tool, loaded or unloaded, towards yourself or any one else
  • Use ear plugs when firing and helping
  • Incase of misfire
    • Do not remove tool from surface
    • Hold tool in place for 10 seconds
    • Pull the trigger again. If it misfires again hold tool in place, open carefully and remove charge slowly and only by hand
    • Place cartridge in a bucket of water. If tool misfires with new charge, get tool serviced
  • Display warning notices at area of operation
  • Calculate charge strength required and fastener appropriate
  • Ensure there is sufficient thickness of material to prevent the fastener breaking through (E.g. Brick walls, concrete floors and walls )
  • Load P.A with fastener then load charge
  • Keep the tool perpendicular to the work surface
  • Look around to ensure other workers are safe
  • Call firing
  • Check again for unsafe situations
  • Fire explosive power tool
  • If fastener is not at correct depth DO NOT Re-fire over the fastener
  • Incase of mis fire follow procedure
  • Cycle tool and reload
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