Picture Hanging & Hooks

Zenith hooks have all of your hanging needs covered.

Included in the range are:
Picture and Art Hooks
Plastic and Adhesive Hooks
Ceiling and Planter Hooks
Cup and Square Hooks
Hat, Coat and Robe Hooks
Garage and Workshop Hooks

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Zenith has the hook you need.


Selection Guide

Picture and Art Hook and Accessories
Angle Drive Hooks
Solid Wall / Nail In Hooks
Picture Wire
Picture Hangers
Saw Tooth Hangers
Mirror Corners and Holders
Picture Hanging Kits - Include wire, pins, screw eyes and angle drive hooks.
Plastic and Adhesive Hooks 
Plastic Hat and Coat Hooks
Adhesive Utility Hooks
Suction Hooks
Decorative Ceiling and Planter Hooks 
<Available in Brass Plated, White, or Florentine Bronze finishes. 
Ceiling, Cup and Square Hooks 
Available in Zinc Plated, White ad  Brass Plated finishes.

Ceiling Hooks also available in Stainless Steel.
Hat, Coat and Robe Hooks 
Many different styles to choose from.

Available in Chrome Plated, Brass Plated and Florentie Bronze finishes. 

Also available in Timber Mounted Hook Racks inSingle, Double and Triple.
Garage and Worksop Hooks 
Pegboard Hooks
Tool Hooks
Bicycle Hooks
Ladder Hooks
Storage Hooks
Cable Hooks
Shed Hooks
The sure way to hang heavy pictures and mirrors onto plasterboard.

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