Nylon Mini Wall-Mate®

Buildex Waa-Mates® is a complete range of self-drilling plasterboard anchors which provide a strong and secure fixing point to plasterboard, without the need for pre-drilling or locating studs. Available in zinc die cast and non-conductive nylon.

Selection Guide

Nylon Mini Wall-Mate®

For light duty applications up to 5kgs, where space is limited e.g. pictures, clocks and doorbells. 

 Nylon Mini Wall Mate  

How to use

Buildex® Nylon Mini Wall-Mate®:
  1. Place Wall-Mate on the end of a Phillips head screw driver.
  2. Put point of Wall-Mate where the anchor is to be installed, and lightly pierce the plasterboard face paper. Using firm pressure, screw Wall-Mate into the plasterboard until head is tight against the face paper.
  3. Choose a screw or hook suitable for the particular application. Attach the item to be fixed by driving the screw into the Wall-Mate.
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