Lane Security Lever sets feature quality contemporary finishes that are designed to suit Australian conditions.
All lever sets include latches, strike plates and easy to follow detailed instructions.

Whether you chose a pull handle or matching entrance lockset, the Lane Security lever sets will finish off your home in style.

  Key-In Levers:                   
  Corio Button   Ciama Button

  Internal Leversets: 
  Lane-lever-cambridge-square   Lane-lever-cambridge-round

  Lane-lever-manchester   Lane-lever-biaggio
  Lane-lever-westminister   Lane-lever-buckingham

  ls-button-cambridgesquarerose   ls-button-cambridgeroundrose   ls-button-manchester
ls-button-biaggio   ls-button-westminister ls-button-buckingham
   oxford_round_rose_lever_IMAGE    oxford square round rose lever IMAGE    westminster_square_round_rose_lever IMAGE              
  Oxford Round Rose Button   Oxford square round rose lever BUTTON   westminster_square_round_rose_lever BUTTON              

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