Hollow Wall Anchors

The Ramset™ Hollow Wall Anchor is an all metal, light duty, cavity fixing for plasterboard and other hollow wall materials up to 38mm.

Selection Guide

Hollow Wall anchor

Flush finish, low profile head

Anti rotation barbs on head flange

Collapsing legs with integral nut, provides high strength and allows the screw removal with out the anchor within the cavity

Can be set with a setting tool for speed of assembly or power screwdriver

Material: Body = Pressed sheet metal, Screw = Carbon Steel

Coating = Zinc electroplated passivated chromate conversion coating

How to use

1.Drill a hole to the recommended diameter. (HW10M4P may be hammered into plasterboard)

2.Tap the anchor into the hole until it is flush with the surface of the substrate.

3.Attach the setting tool to the head of the screw. Squeeze the trigger to expand the anchor. (Small sizes may be set using a screwdriver)

4.Remove the screw and place it through the fixture then back into the anchor. Tighten the screw until the fixture is fixed.


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