Gravity Toggles, Spring Toggles and Hook Toggles

Gravity toggles, Spring toggles and Hook toggles are all metal cavity fasteners, using gravity or a spring motion to clamp the toggle behind the wall material. Suitable for the fixing of light weight componentry and fittings.

Selection Guide

Gravity Toggle

Loading: Light

Features: Fire resistant,Good strength with wide wing span

Size Range: 1/8thx50mm hole size 7/16, 3/16x50mm and 75mm hole size 9/16

Materials: Body is pressed steel, Screw is carbon steel

Protection: Gold Passivate Coating

Spring Toggle

How to use

  1. Drill the correct size hole to enable the wings of the toggle to pass through the material being fastened to. A sharp drill bit with minimum pressure will prevent damage at the break through point.
  2. Pass the screw through the fixture being fastened and re-assemble allowing the end of the screw to slightly pass through the yoke.
  3. Close the wings back along the length of the screw and check that there is sufficient length of screw to enable the wings to clear the thickness of material  being fastened into.
  4. Install the fixture against the wall guiding the toggle through the hole and pressing home until it falls down into position or springs open into position. Check that the wings have opened/ fallen into place by pulling back on the fixture.
  5. Tighten the screw, at the same time, pulling back on the fixture to keep the toggle in contact with the reverse side of the work surface. Do not over tighten to avoid stripping of the threads in the yoke.
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