TrakMaster™ TOOL

The Ramset™ TrakMaster™ Pulsa™ Technology tool is the fastest method of installing partitioning track, pest control mesh and formwork systems. Cordless and quick to set up, users can move quickly and effectively without restriction.


TrakMaster™ PINS

Collated Drive Pins designed for use with the FrameBoss™ magazine for fastening to standard strength concrete, masonry and steel up to a maximum of 8mm.


Selection Guide

TrakMaster TOOL
  • Cordless - self powered, no set up time required 
  • Sequential actuation - safe operation 
  • Depth-of-drive (indicated on top of the tool) 
  • Lock-out feature (security) 
  • Belt hook 
  • Flared fastener guide designed for partitioning track work 
  • 5kg actuation force 
  • Soft cushioned grip 
  • Voltage indicator light 
  • Compact carrying case 
  • Well balanced 
  • Heat sensor controls amount of gas injected, relative to the ambient temperature 
  • Electronically controlled fuel injection 
  • Low maintenance. Designed to work in all Australian conditions 
  • In-car charger accessory


How to use

  1. Standard Operating Procedure

    Always read and understand the instruction manual before attempting to operate a Ramset™ Gas Technology Tool.

    1. First insert the fuel cell and battery into the tool. 
    2. Insert the collated fasteners into the magazine. 
    3. If the magnetic washer adaptor is fitted, the washer should be placed in the adaptor without compressing the front end of the tool. 
    4. The tool should then be compressed against the work surface. (Making sure that the tool is perpendicular to the work surface). 
    5. Once the tool is compressed the trigger can be actuated and the fastener is driven through the material being fastened and into the substrate.


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