The Ramset Dynabolt™ is a general purpose medium duty anchor for fixing to concrete, masonry, solid and hollow brick and natural stone. The Dynabolt™ is manufactured using carbon steel or 316 stainless steel.

There are 2 coatings produced with the carbon steel base. They are the unique passivated zinc plating process which provides strong corrosion resistance and the hot dip galvanised stud and nut combined with pre-galvanised Australian steel sleeves ensuring 100% protection from corrosion AS1650.

The Dynabolt™ has a unique pull down feature, the sleeve is equiped with a collapsible section that allows the anchor to pull down the fixture to the substrate - clamping it securely. This patented feature makes it suitable for dynamic loads - wind loads and other loads of a variable nature.

Selection Guide

DynaBolt Hex Head

All steel medium duty anchor.

Unique sleeve and expansion nut to ensure correct setting and “pull down” of fixtures when anchoring into to concrete, masonry and natural stone.

“pull down” capability ensures the fixture is tightly clamped to the surface. This unique patented feature collapses during tightening, allowing the typical gaps that are left between fixture and surface after initial anchor insertion, to be completely eliminated.

Suitable for overhead applications

Available in: Zinc cobalt alloy plating with chromate conversion coating, Hot Dipped Galvanised, 316 Stainless Steel

Light to medium loading
Timber to concrete: form-work, battens, bottom plates,etc
Fixing services: ductwork, pipes brackets, cable trays, suspended cailings,etc
Fixing metalwork: signs, handrails, gates, etc.
Available: Passivated, Galvanised, 316 Stainless

DynaBolt Flush Head

Available: Passivated, 316 Stainless

DynaBolt Countersunk Head

Available: Passivated

DynaBolt Open Hook

Available: Passivated

DynaBolt Closed Eye

Available: Passivated


How to use

1.Drill or core a hole to the recommended diameter and depth using the fixture as a template.  Clean the hole thoroughly with a hole cleaning brush. Remove the debris with a hand pump, compressed air, or vacuum.  
2.Insert the DynaBolt™ Plus through the fixture and drive with a hammer until the washer contacts the fixture.  
3.Tighten the DynaBolt™ Plus, allowing the sleeve to twist and pull down the fixture firmly onto the substrate. For optimum performance, a torque wrench should be
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