The DynaSet™ Drop-In Anchor is an all steel, medium duty, displacement setting, expansion anchor designed to provide a permanent anchorage point in concrete. Its internal thread allows it to be used with both machine bolts and threaded rod, placing no restrictions on fixture thickness. The DynaSet™ requires the use of the correct setting tool to ensure full expansion of the anchor body. The setting tool also acts as visual check for correct setting of the anchor.

Selection Guide

  • The Dyna Set™ fits flush with, or just below, the surface of the substrate, leaving no protrusions when not in use and allowing for easy patch work.
  • The anchor’s internal thread facilitates the use of machine bolts and threaded studs of any length, removing restrictions on fixture thickness.
  • The DynaSet™ requires only shallow embedment, which reduces the risk of drilling into rebar.
  • The setting tool provides a visual expansion check for correct setting of the anchor.
  • The flanged version (zinc plated only) has a retaining lip to keep the anchor flush with the surface of the substrate. This also allows for consistent threaded rod drop lengths.

How to use

    1. Drill or core a hole to the recommended diameter and depth. Clean the hole thoroughly with a hole cleaning brush. Remove the debris with a hand pump, compressed air, or vacuum.
    2. Insert the anchor into the hole. Using a hammer and the appropriate setting tool, drive the expansion plug into the anchor until the shoulder of the tool rests against the surface of the anchor.
    3. Position the fixture, insert the bolt or threaded rod and tighten with a spanner.Dynaset_drpoin-Installationv2
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