Drive Pins for Powder Actuated Tools

Plastic tips are provided for guidance, lubrication and guide the fastener down the bore while cleaning and lubricating the barrel. It is very impotant to determine the correct length of Fastener.In Concrete penetration should be 25mm penetration. In steel the point of the fastener should protrude by 6mm.

aterial thickness + embedment
e.g 50mm Timber +25mm = 75mm drive pin required

Material thickness + steel + 6mm
e.g 50mm Timber + 8mm steel + 6mm = 65mm drive pin required

Selection Guide

LDU Low Velocity Pins
Timber to Concrete 
Timber to Masonry 
Timber to Mild Steel
Mild Steel to Mild Steel
Mild Steel to Concrete
  HDB High Velocity Pins (for deleted Tools J20 etc)  
SC Low Velocity Pins
Pins designed for Timber to Structual Steel

How to use

Refer to P.A tool User guide.
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