Cover up pull handle 
Cover-up Pull Handle

Many Australian front doors are fitted with a knob set and a deadbolt. In many cases this means that they have 2 x 54mm face holes and 2 x 25mm latch/bolt holes in the side of the door. Because the spacing between these holes is randomly set, it is rare that someone could upgrade to a Corvan/Trilock style product. This leaves them with the only upgrade options being either a new knob set or lever set and a new deadbolt unless you buy a new door.

This product enable you to upgrade to a pull handle without buying a new door. This will also work to cover up products such as Trilock, Nexion or Corvan. 

  • C4 5 pin cylinder
  • Can be keyed to suit your requirements
  • Suits doors 32mm to 45mm thick
  • 60mm-70mm adjustable latch
  • Suitable for inward and outward opening doors
  • Suits 54mm cross bore hole
  • Non-handed
  • Easy to handle
  • 3 keys supplied
  • All fixings included
  • Instructions and templates provided
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