Epoxy Patch

Epoxy Patch is a 2-part 100% solvent free epoxy resin which can be used as is or with fillers to create a range of application consistencies. Epoxy Patch has low viscosity to allow it to penetrate deep into cracks in concrete. With fillers it is transformed into a pourable or trowellable patching and grouting compound. Epoxy Patch is tough and durable, specially formulated for strong bond to concrete, brick and block.

Selection Guide

  • High flow properties – good bonding and penetration
  • Bonds to dry and damp concrete
  • Pre-measured kits to avoid measuring errors
  • High tensile and compressive strength
  • Cures at temperatures down to 5°C
  • 100% solids epoxy – solvent free and negligible shrinkage
  • High mechanical strength
  • Resistant to vibration and dynamic loads
  • Add graded sand to change consistency

How to use

    1.Epoxy Patch is supplied as pre-measured kits. Where practical mix total contents of each part of 1 L and 3 L kits together to avoid   measuring errors 
    2. Ensure concrete is free from dust or contaminant that may interfere with the bond. 
    3. Grit blast or scabble concrete to expose clean surface. 
    4. Remove ponded water. Concrete may be damp but not wet. 
    5. If fillers are required, add correct weight to Part A and mix with Ramset™ high shear mixing paddle. 
    6. Pour the entire contents of the Part B container into the Part A container. 
    7. Mix the two components together using a suitable slow-speed mixer and high-shear mixing paddle (No Fillers: Ramset™ - Small Spiral Mixing Paddle, with Fillers Ramset™ - Large Spiral Mixing Paddle), for 2 minutes, until a fully uniform colour is obtained. 
    8. Scrape the sides of the tin and continue mixing for a further 2 minutes.


    9. Remove unsound concrete by chasing and chiselling 
    10. Wirebrush exposed reinforcement and degrease 
    11. Use unfilled Epoxy Patch to prime concrete and reinforcement 
    12. Apply primer coat with brush or airless spray 
    13. Read mixing instructions 1 to 8 above 
    14. Apply filled Epoxy Patch when primer coat is tacky 
    15. Allow Epoxy Patch to cure for 24 hours before stripping form work 
    Note: If thickness is greater than 50mm, pour Epoxy Grout in layers maximum 50mm thick.

    refer to technical Data Sheet and MSDS available from www.ramset.com.au, for precautions and further detailed installation instructions typical Properties of Epoxy Patch mixed with FillersFG™

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