Chipboard Screws

Buildex® self-drilling Chipboard screws have a coarse thread and fine shank to provide maximum grip and minimum stripout into chipboard, MDF board and soft timbers.

The head has ribs moulded around the countersunk head which help remove the chipboard particles when countersinking.

Selection Guide

Countersunk Rib Head

Suitable for general fixing of chipboard, e.g., cabinets, furniture, kitchens, office partitioning etc. Available in 8 and 10 gauge. Lengths from 20mm to 100mm.


How to use

Buildex® Chipboard Screws:
  1. Measure the total thickness of the materials to be fastened.
  2. Choose a screw long enough to provide approximately 20mm of thread embedment into the chipboard or wood being fastened to.
  3. Fit a #2 Phillips drive bit to a power screwdriver set to to low speed, approximately 1000rpm.
  4. Put screw onto drive bit and place at fastening position.
  5. Push sharply on screwdriver to create a starting point.
  6. Drive screw home until the head is flush with surface.

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