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Chemset Anchor Studs

Chemical Anchoring Studs. A superior strength stud, zinc plated, hot dipped galvanised or 316 stainless. Steel threaded studs for use with all ChemSetâ„¢ anchoring products, capsules and injection mortars.

Selection Guide

Anchor Studs

Ensures maximum performance from ChemSetâ„¢chemical anchors:

Made from high performance Grade 5.8 Steel.

Passivated Chromate plated or

Outstanding exterior resistance: 42 micron Hot Dip Galvanised coating. or

Superior corrosion resistance: AISI 316(A4) Stainless Steel

Convenient: Supplied with nuts and washers and setting tool for spin capsules.

Depth setting mark to ensure correct embedment.


How to use

  1. Drill recommended diameter and depth hole
  2. Clean hole with hole cleaning brush.
  3. Remove all debris using hole blower.
  4. Insert correct size Spin capsule into the hole.
  5. Using appropriate driver accessories, drive the ChemSetâ„¢ Anchor Stud into the hole using a hammer drill (on rotation).
  6. Cure as per setting times.
  7. Attach fixture and tighten nut in accordance with recommended tightening torque
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