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Chemical Anchoring Accessories

Chemset accessories include: Chemset universal applicator, Hand pump blower, Cleaning brushes and static mixing nozzels.

Selection Guide

Universal Applicator

Suits all sizes of cartridges in Chemset range

Suits all 101 and 801/802

Tough, versatile, mechanical and manual

Hole Cleaning Pump
Manual Hand operated pump
Light weight and small
Used for blowing out debris and dust from inside holes

Static Mixing Nozzles Hole Cleaning Brushes

Wire brushes with nylon bristles
3 sizes 13mm, 20mm, 24mm
Used for cleaning debris from the sides of holes


How to use

  1. Hole Pump: Wear protective glasses. Insert the clear tube into hole and blow out debris and dust. 
  2. Universal Applicator for chemset cartridges. Set black buffer for correct style of cartridge. Insert cartridge, turn tap and squeeze handle.
  3. Hole Cleaning Brushes. Insert brushes into and out of hole several times. Scrubbing the inside of the hole. Removing the dust and loose debris from inside of hole.
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