CemCrete™ is a high molecular weight polymer concentrate, which when diluted and added to cement mixtures reduces cracking and improves adhesion. CemCrete™ also aids bonding of concrete, renders, mortars and toppings to existing concrete, block and brick. CemCrete™ is ideal for priming porous surfaces for ceramic tiling and to add flexibility to cement tile grouts and adhesives.

Selection Guide

  • Improves strength and toughness of cement mixtures
  • Improves adhesion of cement mixtures to existing concrete, brick and block
  • Strong bond
  • User Friendly – clean up with water
  • User Friendly – low odour

How to use

    1. Ensure surfaces are clean 
    2. Primer / Sealer: Prime surface with 1 part Cemcrete™ in 4 parts water 
    3. Bond Coat: Apply bond coat of 1 part Cemcrete™ and 1 part water 
    4. Apply primer / bond coat with brush, roller or airless spray 
    5. Cement admixture: Add 1 part Cemcrete™ in 1.5 parts water as gauging water in render / solid plaster / mortar / concrete / grout

    Refer to technical Data Sheet and MSDS available from www.ramset.com.au, for precautions and further detailed installation instructions

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