Safe-T-Bond™ is formulated with strong initial suction / grab, which makes it ideal for installing wall panelling, flooring, skirting boards and architraves.

For installing particle board sub-floor to timber, steel and concrete joists. (Not for installing timber floors on top of particle board sub-floor or concrete slabs).

Solvent free Safe T Bond™ will not attack Polystyrene

It has no fumes and can be cleaned up with water.

Bond strength exceeds requirements of AS2329 - 1999

Selection Guide

  • Low odour – no solvent fumes
  • Easy to use
  • Easy clean up - use water
  • Fast initial grab - minimises slippage on vertical surfaces.
  • Easy to dispense at low temperatures.
  • Bridges gaps up to 9 mm - effective on uneven surfaces
  • Long repositioning time - up to 60 minutes
  • Easy to use, re-sealable sausage – no caulking gun
  • Will not attack polystyrene foam

How to use

  1. Ensure surfaces are clean and dry
  2. Cut sachet tip to desired diameter.3. Dispense Safe T Bond™ by squeezing sachet
  3. Apply adhesive as a continuous bead onto studs or joists.
  4. Do not use to install timber floors over particle board sub-floor or concrete slabs
  5. Place floor or wall panel onto joists or studs and align
  6. Nail or screw as required
  7. Clean up Safe T Bond™ with a damp cloth before it dries
  8. Brace and support wall panels or light objects and remove when adhesive has set (approximately 24 hours).
  9. Refer to Technical Data Sheet and MSDS available from www.ramset.com.au, for precautions and further detailed installation instructions

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