95 Years of Australian Manufacturing

Buildex celebrates over 95years of manufacturing in Australia!
The manufacturing process for Buildex screws is highly specified and closely monitored for quality control at a number
of stages of production. This means a higher investment in equipment and manpower, and ultimately product cost, but endures higher standards throughout the process and especially where its most important, in the heat treatment, tempering and coating processes.

Throughout those 95 years, the company has made everything from market garden sprinklers (1932), automotive steel nuts for cars prints (1933), breech blocks for 25lb howitzers for the army and primer cases for torpedoes for the Navy (1940), brass screws & rivets (1946), Type 17 wood screws (1952), Gypscum screws (1962), plastic fasteners for the automotive industry (1964) & Teks® self-drilling screws (1965).

More recent developments include the launch of the revolutionary HiGrip® design feature & HiTeks® forged point
self-drilling screw (1985), the superior corrosion protection coating Climaseal 3®, the patented feature ShankGuard® (1990), the revolutionary self-drilling screw RoofZips® (2002) and the corrosion coating Climaseal 4® (2004).

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