EasyDrive™ Nylon Drive Anchors

The EasyDrive™ Nylon Drive Anchor is a removable light duty, impact/ rotation setting, interference fit anchor, designed for use in a variety of substrates such as concrete, stone, solid brick, solid block, hollow brick, hollow block and hollow slab.

Selection Guide

  • The innovative design of the EasyDrive™ ensures that it can be hammered all the way into the hole without pre-expansion.
  • The drive screw’s saw tooth thread makes it easy to drive and unscrew.
  • A wide, flat collar with collapsable sleeve design, ensures tight fixing.
  • Nylon body provides insulation between drive screw and work surface.

How to use

1. Drill a hole to the recommended diameter and depth using the fixture as a template. If the fixture thickness is less than the maximum, increase the hole depth accordingly. Remove the debris with a hand pump, compressed air, or vacuum.  
2. Insert the anchor through the fixture until the collar of the anchor contacts the fixture.  
3. Screw or tap home the drive screw with a hammer until the head is flush with the collar of the anchor. The drive screw can easily be removed with a screwdriver. 

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